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Web Hosting ServerWeb Hosting Sites are a dime a dozen. What exactly differentiates web hosting sites from one another, a cheap catch phrase, products, services, affordability? One the biggest things that differentiate one web hosting company from another is the ability to stand behind their service as well as offer up a guarantee that their competitors can not. A 99.9% uptime guarantee on hosting servers lets the customer know that the web hosting site is serious about their service. This site is dedicated to helping customers choose the right hosting company for their domain.

What a web hosting site should NOT be. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when sifting through various web hosting sites:

  • Don't purchase from a company that charges a setup fee if you purchase less than 12 months of hosting. This is ploy the web hosting company is using to try and trick you into a purchasing for a longer duration.
  • Don't purchase from a web hosting site that does not refund unused months of the plan you purchased.
  • Don't choose a company that does not offer at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It is recommended that you do not purchase from a hosting company that does not display the prices on their site and they want you to call them for pricing.
  • Always make sure the hosting site you purchase with offers 24/7 Free Technical Support.

Web Site BudgetHow much should you spend on a web hosting plan? We have learned that it is always a best practice to start small and upgrade later. If the site you are going to host has not been created then the chances of it having heavy traffic are significantly low and that is why we recommend starting with the least expensive plan. After your site is up and running, check to see how much disk space and bandwidth that you have used over a one month period. Chances are that you used must less than even the most basic plan offers. After your site starts to see heavy traffic and you actually exceed the maximum allotments for your hosting package, then you should consider upgrading the plan. If you end up calling the customer service for the web hosting company that you choose and they recommend purchasing the premium plan then you should probably evaluate why you would need such a service, provided your web site is going to have little or no visitors just starting out. If the customer service tells you that you can not upgrade later then it is in your best interest to keep shopping for another web hosting company. A general rule of thumb is to find a web hosting company that actually has your best interest in mind and not over-charging you for a web hosting service.

Hopefully we provided some valuable insight for our visitors on what to look for in a Web Hosting Site as our main purpose is educating the public on the various differences of the many web hosting companies.

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